Deatschwerks bränslepump DW440, 440l/h (Intern)

  • 5 995 kr

Deatschwerks DW440 intern "brushless" bränslepump, för montering i bränsle- eller catchtank.

Flöde: 415l/h, klarar bensin och etanol.
Digitalkontroll, bränslefilter och kontaktstycken medföljer!

Petrol horsepower≈ 1000 HP @ 60 PSI / 4.14 BAR (EFI engines)
E85 horsepower≈ 750 HP @ 60 PSI / 4.14 BAR (EFI engines)

Deatschwerks DW440 brushless in-tank fuel pump with dual speed controller
DW440 brushless in-tank fuel pump brings brushless pump technology into the fuel cell, surge tank, and the Nuke Performance CFC Unit. Brushless technology reduces friction and heat, increases efficiency vastly improves pump lifespan in ethanol and methanol fuels, and allows higher voltage inputs for increased flow.

All brushless pumps require digital controllers to drive the brushless armature. The controller included with the DW440 pump kits was designed exclusively for DW and includes features and options to maximize ease of integration into your fuel system. The DW brushless C102 pump controller is rated at 40amps and includes variable timing advance, digital thermal protection, and high capacity integrated heat sinks.